Jamaica Estates, Holliswood, South Bayside
 Volunteer Ambulance Corps
 Jamaica Estates, Holliswood, South Bayside
 Volunteer Ambulance Corps
serving our community since 1973

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News & Info
Jamaica Estates - Holliswood - South Bayside Volunteer Ambulance Corps.
December 2009 Monthly Newsletter

Captain: Daryl Mazlish - info@JEVAC.org
1st Lieutenant: Edward F. Pearce
2nd Lieutenant: John-Paul Vasquez
Treasurer: Jennifer Konigsberg
Financial Secretary: Sara Downey
Recording Secretary: Margaret Martens
Corresponding Secretary: Midge Pearce
Personnel Officer: Joseph Bodnar
Equipment & Supply: Daniel Tyroler

Upcoming Meetings
  • Sunday – 12/6/09 11:00AM – Youth Squad Monthly Meeting
  • Wednesday – 12/16/09 7:45PM – Board of Director’s Meeting
  • Wednesday – 12/16/09 8:15PM – General Membership Meeting
  • Sunday – 12/20/09 7:30PM – Holiday Dinner

Duty Officer Rotations
1st Lt. Edward Pearce: January
2nd Lt John-Paul Vasquez: December
• Dispatchers are asked to contact the Duty Officer (JP this month) at the beginning of shift to confirm that the squad is in operation.

Operations Reminders
  • Check out sheets for the ambulance and equipment are to be completed at the beginning of each shift.
  • Please empty the trash from the ambulance at the end of each shift.
  • Vehicles must be secured and locked and the Defibrillator must be brought into the HQ at the end of shift.

Fund Drive
General Fund collections so far:
June 2009 – 7 Responses, yielding $ 450.00 in donations
July 2009 – 216 Responses, yielding $ 6,085.00 in donations
August 2009 – 140 Responses, yielding $ 3,938.00 in donations
September 2009 – 79 Responses, yielding $ 2,286.00 in donations
October 2009 – 22 Responses, yielding $ 493.00 in donations
November 2009 – 20 Responses, yielding $ 705.00 in donations
TOTAL TO DATE GENERAL FUND DONATIONS: $13,957.00, which is approx $1,500.00 less than last year’s donations.
The squad has applied and for the following grants for 2010:
  • $41,000 Department of Homeland Security – Assistance to Firefighters Grant
    To be used to purchase turnout gear and boots.
New York State:
  • $5,000 Sponsored by NY State Senator Frank Padavan  ***ON HOLD***
  • $3,000 Sponsored by NY State Senator Toby Stavisky  ***ON HOLD***
  • $2,000 Sponsored by NY State Assemblyman Mark Weprin  ***ON HOLD***
  • $2,000 Sponsored by NY State Assemblyman Rory Lancman  ***ON HOLD***
New York City
  • $3,000 Sponsored by NY City Council Member David I. Weprin
  • $3,000 Sponsored by NY City Council Member James Genarro

Ambulance Maintenance
  • JAM-6: Fully operational.
  • JAM-7: Fully operational.

Special Event Crews Needed

Special Events Covered Last Month

  • St. John’s University, Emergency Medical Services Institute

    Original begins: 1/10/2010 – classes meet Tues, Wed, Thurs, 6-10 pm, NY State Exam 5/20/10
    Refresher begins: 2/10/2010 – classes meet Tues, Wed, Thurs, 6-10 pm, NYS Exam 5/20/10
    For more information, contact Catherine Cotroneo, 718 990-8436 or cotronec@stjohns.edu

  • St. John’s University, Emergency Medical Services Institute

    Classes meet Monday and Wednesday from 9am to 5pm
    Orientation: Monday March 15, 2010, Class Start Date: Wednesday April 07, 2010
    NYS Written Exam: Thursday, March 17, 2011
    Classroom sessions will be held at the St. John’s University, Dr. Andrew J. Bartilucci Center located at: 175-05 Horace Harding Expressway, Fresh Meadows, New York 11365
    Screening exams are on going for our April 07, 2010 Class. Screening exams are given on Monday and Wednesday from 9am to 1pm. Please call to make an appointment. You must be a currently certified NYS EMT. The cost of the Screening Exam is $100.00 USD, non-refundable payable by money order to: St. John’s University. The screening fee is separate from the tuition. You must bring your drivers license and your valid NYS EMT card with you.
    For further information or to schedule your screening exam, please contact
    Cathy Cotroneo 718 990-8436 cotronec@stjohns.edu

CMEs & Seminars
  • Winthrop University Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine,
    December 8, 2009 at 7pm

    Topic: Selected Orthopedic Injuries
    Speakers: Henry Boateng, MD
    Location: Winthrop Hospital Community Outreach Center, 101 Mineola Blvd, Mineola
    RSVP: to Judy Jax, 516-663-8708 or jjax@winthrop.org by December 4

CPR Training
The new American Heart Association Protocols (“2005 Protocols”) are out. As per orders from the NY State Dept of Health, all riding members must be updated to the new protocols. Sign up sheets for classes will be in the dispatch area. The classes are free to members and associates.
Included in the Protocol Updates are changes to the following:
  • What constitutes an adult versus a child
  • Hand position
  • Changes to blind finger sweeps
  • Compression sequence changes (30:2 versus 15:2)
  • Infant CPR
  • Procedures for witnessed arrest and drowning victims
  • AED procedures
  • Recovery position

Mark Your Calendars
  • Sunday December 20: Holiday Dinner Party – Everyone is invited.

Important Information Regarding Flu Season
City Announces Strategy for Protecting New Yorkers During the Upcoming Flu Season

City Prepares to Keep Schools Open, Provide Treatment, Make Free Flu Mist and Flu Shots Available to All Elementary School Students in Schools, Provide Public with Current Flu Data

Learn more...

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